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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 14




UNIT: The Team Reliant and Olaedoen

SITUATION: Mission Discussion

LOCATION: Ready Room/Team Reliant

TIME: 0800 hours Local Time, Current Date



Spence waved a forefinger at Harvey. "I heard most of the mission through your radio microphone, but I want you to tell me what went wrong."

Harvey's eyes studied the floor. He grimaced, "I believe our Intel was good, and that the General had been there, but I believe his paranoia got the best of him. He feared that Dawn's and Olaedoen's interlude was a precursor to an attack on his position. Their discovery couldn't have been foreseen, however, because we didn't know that the local Communist leaders would be meeting at 0200."

"So, the final result was a failure of intelligence after all."

He admitted, "Yes sir, a final analysis could draw that conclusion." He complained, "But how good we have foreseen that event?"

"I would think that more in-depth discussion, and thinking outside the box, could lead you to include that as part of your planning."

"One would think if you ever want to be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel that you would be more discriminating in your mission planning."

"I understand."

"Good. Now tell me where you and your team think he might be."

"Sir, after lengthy discussion, we believe that if he has not returned to North Korea, someone on Yalu Street will be providing cover and comfort for him."

"Okay, I get that, but where specifically on Yalu Street?"

"Sir, this line of questioning, I mean you are asking us for something we do not know."

"Remember, I did say you should think outside the box. Where could he be?"

"Sir, there is no way then I..."

Slover waived for attention. "I have an idea I'd like to share. It's off the rail, but is typical for such a person as Jagwi."

Spence canted his head toward Slover, "At this point any idea could trigger a bigger or better idea and someone else. Go ahead, lay your idea on the table."

Slover shrugged, "it might not mean anything, but men like Jagwi are prone to hang out in bars and in places where there are a lot of women."

Cruz added, "The most likely place on Yalu Street where a powerful man like Jagwi would find booze and women together would be one of the brothels on Yalu Street."

Spence sat processing the new information. "You mean we might find him in a whore house!" He turned to face Slover, "It is that the only place on Yalu Street that he might be?"

"Sir, it has been my experience that on Yalu Street, during the day, men go to cafés and restaurants to eat their meals. They do that during the day, and during the day, all people on the street are easily recognized at a distance. These powerful men stay in hotels and rooming houses during the day, but there are so many of those that surveilling them would not be easy. To me, that means we would not want to be out on streets during the daylight hours watching for him, and we wouldn't want to be seen walking down the streets looking through the cafés and restaurants for him because we, as a whole, would be easily recognized by any of the spies that he is bound to have about streets anticipating such a move. The darkness of the evenings would give us some cover as long as we acted like either tourists or sex crazed GIs along Yalu Street. Also, Olaedoen's presence among us would give us further credibility."

"And how would he do that?"

"He would act like a tourist guide."

"That sounds appropriate. So, tell me. What would be your approach in the brothels to finding out where Jagwi is? If he is not in the bar area drinking, then he is in a room somewhere with a prostitute. If you began asking questions about him, you yourself have said that he has spies everywhere. Therefore, if you ask about him specifically, the word will get around to him. So, what approach do you propose to follow to find him in a brothel? Additionally, you will lose one of your team members through that process."

"How is that?"

"I feel fairly sure that Dawn would not want to be a part of that scenario. Look at her. You can see she's nodding her head in agreement with my statement...

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