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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 11




UNIT: The Team Members and Olaedoen

SITUATION: Mission Preparation

LOCATION: In The Rear of Reliant Building

TIME: 1300 hours Local Time, Current Date



Most of the ten active team members were arrayed around the conference table. Some stood, others sat.

Spence sat checking his radio receivers.

Harvey looked up from his Mission Essential Task List and asked, "Pearly, where's Pearly?

Pearly, at the table checking his equipment, waved his hand. "Here sir. I am double checking my detection devices."

"Okay, what about the electric scooters that the team will ride on?"

 Mungo, who was standing replied, "They are parked over at Camp Bowie near the opening in the tunnel that Slover discovered. Colonel Bessemer has given us permission to park there. Sergeants Cruz and Slover are guarding the scooters."

"Aha. And where are Cowboy and Dude?"

They raised their hands. "We are standing by and waiting for instruction."

"Copy that. And Mister Olaedoen?"

Dawn raised her hand, "He is outside assuring the ROK motor pool Sergeant that we will use his motor scooters with great care."

"What are the issues?"

"He is assuring the man that we will take good care of his scooters, further, that we will not deface those scooters by welding or affixing anything to the sides of them, but if we do, we will restore the scooters to their proper condition."

Pearly blushed. "I forgot to remove the quick release clamps that we used on our last mission when we last borrowed those scooters."

Harvey glanced at Pearly. "Ah. Aaron Pearly. We must do certain things for our allies here in Korea if we expect them to continue to help us out with equipment."

Color surged to Pearly's face. He nodded at the admonition. "I'll do better this time."

"And where is ROK Sergeant Kim?"

Spence looked up from his communications devices. "Sergeant Kim will not go on this mission. He is in communications headquarters monitoring incoming transmissions from our superiors, if any." He paused, "So, what is your proposed plan for this mission?"

"Okay, this is the way I see it. We may have to get down and dirty this time. Sergeants Cowboy and Dude have seen Captain Dawn's drawing of the meat shop and her descriptions of the stairway that leads down to the tunnel. I want them to go there now and be waiting to see if anyone tries to escape upward through the stairwell. After we arrive through the tunnel, and after we have captured General Jagwi, we will call them down to assist with securing the General. Mungo and I, along with Dawn, Slover, Cruz, Pearly, and Olaedoen will ride the scooters through the tunnels stopping just short of the tunnel under the meat shop. From there, we will advance on foot, making sure to avoid detection by laser beam or by motion sensor in case they are active. We will have Pearly on point, using his devices to locate any beams or sensors. In the event he encounters any, he will advise us, and we will change our approach accordingly."

"Okay, how will you stay in touch with me?"

"Ah, that item. Sergeant Pearly has rigged a generator -powered hookup that he has attached to the wiring that was already in place in the tunnels. General Jagwi had small sensor stations spaced equally in the tunnels that allowed the construction crew to be in contact with him when they plugged into the station. Pearly has modified that entire system. He has arranged it so that as we travel from one station to the next, communication devices will allow us to speak directly to you wherever you are here in Seoul, Korea. In other words, we will not have to worry about radio signal attenuation underground, and we can stay in touch with you."

"Well done, Pearly. You have just atoned for your scooter hookup glitch in making the ROK motor pool Sergeant angry."

"And when do you plan to start this mission?"

"We will start this mission, underground, at approximately 1400 hours. It will take us abo...

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