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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 10




UNIT: The Ten Team Members Attending

SITUATION: Dawn’s AAR to Spence

LOCATION: Team Reliant Office Building

TIME: 0900 hours Local Time, Current Date



Dawn had just finished her detailed version of the previous evening’s events. She sat still. Her face flushed. Burl Spence sat with his arms crossed and his hand over his mouth. He blinked.

He cleared his throat. “Hmm. Thank you, Miss Aleumdaun, for such a detailed report on your mission. That’s the kind of mission that…that…legends are made of.” He nodded at both Olaedoen and Dawn.

“Okay, on your last mission, you volunteered to cross over the DMZ and go into North Korean territory, and while in enemy territory, searching for Slover, who was in Kaesong Prison, you managed to snake his mangled body out of the prison. Then you, and Mister Kim,” he inclined his head toward Kim Museoum, their South Korean KATUSA, “and Farmer Nongjangju, who has returned to his farm, managed to get him back across the DMZ and into a hospital.”

Slover interjected, “For which I will be forever grateful!”

Dawn raised her eyes in an unspoken question related to his behavior two days before.

Olaedoen muttered, “Be careful of something that’s just what you want it to be.”

Dawn whispered, “Don’t start that again.”

Ignoring the by play between the two, Spence continued, “And in spite of the determined efforts of the Communists there, she, with the help of Étienne Mungo, whose own incredible bravery, was a major factor in the success of that mission, managed to complete a successful mission. So, as a follow on to that mission, now that we know where Jagwi spends his time out of the public eye, how are we going to get him?”

Slover pointed out, “We’d better do it soon before they go looking for Rosie’s.”

His eyebrows raise, Olaedoen asked, “You mean there is no Rosie’s on Yalu Street?”

Slover shrugged, “Not to my knowledge.”

Spence ordered, “Come on, people. We know where he is, and we know two ways to get to him. How are we going to get the son of a gun?”

Cruz asked, “I got the one way in through the meat shop, but what is the second way in?”

“Remember the tunnels?”

“Yeah, but they were collapsed, weren’t they?”

“Yes, to an extent, but only on the Communist North Korean end. It seems they didn’t want us using them to attack them as they had planned to do to us.”

Cruz held up a finger, “Has our side checked them to see if they are still collapsed?”

“Our side has checked. The tunnels are still collapsed, that is, the ones we know about, and before you ask, Army Intelligence knows of no new tunneling.”

“Um, what about the shadowing tunnels that they used to sneak the empty bomb cases out?”

Spence admitted, “Ad far as we know, they are collapsed as well.”

“Then how can we use the tunnel system to get to Jagw...

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