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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 6




UNIT: Team Reliant

SITUATION: Planning a Mission

LOCATION: Team Reliant Headquarters

TIME: 1000 hours Local Time, Current Date



Cowboy nodded his head toward Dawn and pointed at her, “She speaks Korean! But who would the other be?”

Harvey arose and walked to stand behind Olaedoen. He put his hands on both of Olaedoen’s shoulders and said, “He does. He will be working with us for a while”

The native South Korean lowered his head toward his chest and nodded slowly, “Yes, I do speak it well.”

Harvey walked back around the table to his chair, “Not only that, but he is also a Korean deputy law enforcement officer.”

Olaedoen raised a forefinger, “Yes, but I am only part-time these days.”

Slover looked at him, “Were you a military policeman when you were on active duty?”

Olaedoen smiled as he nodded, “Yes, and I solved many problematic cases.”

Slover asked, “And you now work at mowing our lawn and maintaining our building?”

Olaedoen put his hand beside his lips and spoke toward Slover, “It’s called cover identity.”

Slover complained, “And I bought into it. Unbelievable.”

Olaedoen grinned his toothy grin at Slover. “I’m pretty good at it, am I not?”

Slover stared at him wide-eyed, “Absolutely!”

Harvey suggested, “Why don’t we let Dawn and Olaedoen conduct this investigation. We can equip Mister Olaedoen and Captain Dawn with power company uniforms. We can attach body cameras to their uniforms and a couple of microphones. We can put Slover, Cowboy, and Dude in a utility van with computer screens, and they can monitor Olaedoen’s and Dawn’s actions as they investigate.”

“Do you think that would make it okay for them to be able to go into someone’s property? Not only that, what could they claim that they were looking for? Actually, what would they be looking for?”

“They would be looking for an electrical connection that disappears into a hole in the property or into a device that could be a door going down into the tunnel.”

Slover complained, “Really? What would they really be looking for?”

“They could say that they were looking for an electrical fault. Or in order to gain easier acceptance, they could claim to be looking for someone growing marijuana.”

Slover considered the plan, “On the face of it, it sounds like it might work. However, going marijuana in Korea sounds preposterous.”

Mungo raised his hand, “I would like to go along in the van even if it is only to drive the van. Who knows, they might need someone who was big enough to break down some doors.”

Dude asked, “You act like it’s going to be dangerous?”

Mungo grinned, “Oh, hell yes! They will be dealing with some fanatical Communists. And if they spend too long on the street going through businesses and people’s houses, word will spread rather quickly that someone is looking for something. And who do you think they believe we would be looking for?”

Harvey frowned, “He may be right. Under that scenario, the two investigators might be faced with a crowd of unhappy people.”

Mungo sighed, “I love it when things get dangerous. It is exciting.”

Dude observed, “Yeah, we were in Russia when things got dangerous. Cowboy and I are witnesses to that.”

Mungo scoffed, “Let’s not talk about that.”

Harvey ordered, “Okay listen up! Olaedoen will go get  a power  company  uniform.  Captain  Dawn

will go to intelligence supply and get a Korean power company uniform. Mungo, I want you to sign out a utility van. Cowboy and Dude, I want you to check out enough riot batons for everyone, and get to computer monitors that the body cameras can transmit to. I do not want you to take any weapons on this mission. You will have to engage Jagwi if you find him, subdue him, and bring him in.”

Harvey added, “Let’s get this put together within the next hour, and let’s get this mission started.” He looked at the men who would be providing protection and asked, “Do you guys need any riot gear for bodily protection?”

Mungo spoke for the man, “Nah. I think we can handle a small crowd without any gear. Besides, if we take riot gear out there and see it, there is no telli...

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