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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 5




UNIT: Team Reliant


LOCATION: Team Reliant Headquarters

TIME: 1000 hours Local Time, Current Date



Sergeant Aaron Pearly knocked on the conference room door. James Harvey responded with a hearty instruction for Pearly to enter. Pearly stepped into the room, “Did someone here want to see me?”

Slover waved him to a seat, “Pearly, is it possible for you to hack into the local power company’s computer system and to operate on some of their data?”

Pearly shrugged, “Uhm, not speaking of my abilities, but it is possible for a well-trained person to hack into almost anyone’s database if it is online.”

Slover grinned at Pearly’s reluctance to admit having that kind of skill, “Yeah, but if we asked you to do it, could you do it?”

Pearly was still  for  a  moment,  “I might be able to

do it if I were under duress, but why would you want me to hack into a power company’s database?”

Dude came in behind Slover, “We are not asking you to change any of their stored data. The problem for us is that we have located General Jagwi. We last saw him on Yalu Street. We think he might be hiding in one of the tunnels. He ordered, drilled under South Korea, and we believe he may have electricity delivered to his little underground cubbyhole. Because of that, we think that someone’s electricity bill has probably spiked since he arrived! We would like for you to access the power company’s database to find one power user’s electricity power flow by checking those addresses either side of Yalu Street for maybe 400 yards. That would not be illegal would it?”

Pearly scratched his cheek. He said, “I could probably write a search routine that looked for higher than normal power flow to an individual or business taking into consideration….”

Slover interrupted him, “Yeah, yeah! You don’t have to share the details of the process with us. We just need for you to write your search routine right now! How long will it take you to write it?”

Pearly shrugged, “I could probably write it within 30 minutes, maybe an hour.”

Slover pointed at Dude, “Dude, why don’t you get with him and Mister Harvey and work out the parameters of the program!”

Pearly smiled, “I think I can do that.” He rose and walked to the side of the table where Harvey and Dude sat writing out directions for Pearly on a piece

of paper.”

Dawn looked at Slover and objected, “Why were you so abrupt with him, Slover?”

“Well hell, Georgia. Why fart around when time is so short?”

“Who says time is short?”

“Think about it, Georgia! We don’t know how long Jagwi will be in the area. And we don’t know if he has already gone.”

“What makes you think he would go somewhere?”

Slover made a wry face, “Well, he is from, North Korea, and he had come this...

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