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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 1




UNIT: Followers of Islam and Of Sang-je

SITUATION: Leaving the Collective

LOCATION: An Arid Immensity

ATTITUDE: Extreme Distrust

TIME: 0900 hours Local Time, Current Date



The followers of Islam stood on one side of the divide, and the followers of Jeungsanism, Sang-je, stood on the other side. Seven of the Islamists arrayed themselves with machine-gums aimed across the divide. One of their number had died while in prison, and another died during the escape. The one who would have made their total 10 had died in Switzerland. On the other side of the divide, the two followers of Sang-je held their stance against the Islamists. Their machine-guns were aimed at the Muslims.

Together, they had just completed a previously impossible escape from a prison which was well hidden in the arid Middle East. Their plan, which called for close cooperation between the two disparate belief systems, was planned by the Sang-je follower, one General Jagwi. The method was agreed to and practiced for, by the chief Muslim, Rayiysi Qatal Mustajir, and his team. The thought that close cooperation between the two was impossible had been dismissed for the sake of release from th...

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