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from MAKING A RUN FOR IT FROM BERLIN TO TEXAS BOOK THREE by Manfred Kaiter and L.arry Thompson

Copyright © 2018–2020 Larry K. Thompson

Chapter 20

Patricia and I met at the club Friday night and Saturday night. On Saturday, when Patricia and I saw pictures of Buddy on the wall. Those pictures made him look tall. The pictures I had seen of him made him seem like he was a shorter person. I asked her how tall Buddy was. She told me that he was 6 feet tall.

I was surprised that he was that tall. I said, “but he doesn’t seem to look like your father.”

Patricia said, Oh, he was tall like my daddy. But Larry and I look more like my daddy.”

I asked, “Who did Buddy look like?”

She said, “Probably like my mom!” She exclaimed “Oh, my daddy told me that he would give us an answer by Tuesday. We are just waiting!”

Patricia and I danced together until the club closed down for the night. I dropped her off at her house, and I drove on to my apartment. All day Sunday I spent in mental anguish. I thought about suggesting to Patricia that we should elope, but I dismissed the thought because I felt like she deserved a proper wedding.

I went to bed Sunday still nervous and in mental anguish. My mind wasn’t any better all day on Monday and all-day Tuesday. I drove over to Patricia’s house completely distracted. When I arrived there, I noticed that there were not so many cars around. When I knocked on the door, Ella came to let me in. Larry and Travis were not visible or present. L.O. was sitting at the table again. I walked over and shook his hand hello.

He casually pointed at an empty chair near him and said, &ldquo...

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