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from MAKING A RUN FOR IT FROM BERLIN TO TEXAS BOOK THREE by Manfred Kaiter and L.arry Thompson

Copyright © 2018–2020 Larry K. Thompson

Chapter 10

We tried to act casually. As we walked through the gate to the project site. We waved good morning to the gate guard with shaky smiles on our faces/. The guard nodded his head at us, and then, he pointed at me and waved with his hand that I should come over to where he stood. He was the same guard we had first met when we came to work in Berlin. HE had a stern look on his face. I thought, Oh, no! what have I done. What have I left undone? Then, I thought, Oh, brother, what if we have been under scrutiny, and someone has told what we’re planning? My heart jumped up into my throat. I waved to the brigade to wait a minute. If we had to flee, I wanted us to run together. I was worried, too, that the guard would want to look in my lunch pail! That really worried me.

The guard gruffly said, “Hey, friend. When you first came here you promised to have a drink with me, and we would chase women!”

I know I must have had a blank look on my face It must have hidden the feeling of relief I felt underneath it. I looked at the guard, and I asked, “Now, when was this?”

He shrugged and held up a hand as if the answer were obvious to the world, “You know! It was the first day you were here, and you asked for Heinrich! Remember?”

I took a deep breath, let it out slowly, and replied, “Oh, yeah, yeah! I remember that! Look, I’m sorry!  We have been so busy‚Ķ.”

He cut me off, “Yeah, I heard you and your work crew have been making a name for yourselves.”

“Yes, exactly. That has kept us very busy!”

“Well then, when do you propose? Next week?”

“Yeah, yeah! Let’s aim for next week sometime!”

He nodded, and with a brief sideways jerk of his head, sent me on my way. As I walked back to my waiting crew, I said to myself, “Friend, you might not want to even admit you know who we are if we get caught trying to smuggle the plans out of here!” The brigade and I walked together while I explained what the guard had wanted.

George exclaimed, “I know it surely scared me!”

“It scared me too, George! Luckily, the guard had something else on his mind!”

We walked on until we reached our work site. We had dissembled the camera Bill had given us. I had the camera and microphone in my lunch pail, and Erw...

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