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from MAKING A RUN FOR IT FROM BERLIN TO TEXAS BOOK THREE by Manfred Kaiter and L.arry Thompson

Copyright © 2018–2020 Larry K. Thompson

Chapter 6

I told the brigade about the conversation.

Erwin said. “Interesting response to an interesting offer. You should have let him finish so that we would have more information to make a group decision. Next time ask him if he meant all five of us and not just you.” Erwin always amazed me with his philosophic reaction to things like that.

Martin said, “You probably made a good decision without much more information than that. These Communists are deceptive demons!” I felt like he agreed with me!

Hans said, “Next time, ask him how he could do it! If there is a next time.” I kind of shuddered at the thought of a next time. I didn’t think Hans agreed with me

I should have guessed at George’s response. It was why we had started calling him Romeo. He said, “If you see him again, ask him if my girlfriend can come too!”

I felt like they wanted to hear some more from the guy, but if they were wrong, I didn’t want to lose an ear and my mind in Siberia like the kid did who read Western magazines with Tom Mix in them back at the stone mason school. I just nodded at their statements and told myself It’s not going to happen.

We went back to work the next morning, and over the next week, we finished the project we had been working on. We told our foreman that we were ready to work on the special building project for the Russian Intelligence Building. The foreman told Stalin’s representative, and he came to our work site. He was very officious. He was Russian, and he spoke immaculate Russian. I don’t know I expected him to speak German, at least a little bit, but I was disappointed. He said, “Come with me I want to show you the proposed site.” Our foreman had already shown us the site the week before, but we didn’t want to spoil the man’s day, so we just nodded at his comments and kept our views to ourselves. The representative climbed into a beautiful black sedan. We stuffed ourselves into the foreman’s small car, and he drove us to the site. The Russian climbed out of the sedan he came in and carried with him a long canvass building blueprint protector.

Martin whispered low where the representative couldn’t hear him, but we could. He asked, “Did you see the car that he rode in to get here?”

Erwin whispered back, “You mean that heavy, long, low sedan sitting over there by the curb.”

Martin, still whispering, exclaimed, “Oh, hey! I thought it just dropped him off and t...

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