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from P.S. by Liberty Henwick

Chapter 18

A giant of a man answered our knock on the kitchen door. He was almost blue, his skin was so dark - not from South Africa anyway. He as dressed in khaki shirt and shorts, with long khaki socks and quiet soled leather bush shoes – typical houseboy’s outfit. He remained silent as we followed him along passageways through the house into a large room with a desk and chair on one side and carved statues of animals all around the room on the floor and on tables. Along the exterior wall, floor to ceiling glass sliding doors stood wide open and the light curtains moved a little in the warm evening breeze. A pool lit by underwater lights shone bright blue outside on the stoep.

Dhlamini was sitting in a large studded brown leather sofa on one side talking on his phone. He clicked it shut and stood up when we entered. He was a tall man with wide shoulders, his bald head shone like he polished it. “Good evening Sam!” Dhlamini was chuckling when he saw me like I was the joke. He stuck out his arm to shake my hand and he squeezed hard, several gold rings crushing my skin on my fingers.

“Can you tell me the punch line Dhlamini? Because I haven’t found anything to laugh about all evening.” I replied, trying not to shake my hand too much.

He narrowed his eyes, “Sam, you are either a brave or a stupid man. But I think it’s stupidity you are suffering from, only a stupid man turns down opportunity”. He gestured for us to sit opposite him on the two small fancy-looking, but rock hard arm chairs while he sat back on the sofa.

He continued, “Now I know you have seen a little bit of the business I am running here at Tembalethu Estate and I’d like you to become a business partner too. I have been told by Bossboy that you have some valuable skills.”

I shook my head slowly but kept quiet.

Dhlamini puffed out his cheeks. “I see you have a strong will too.” He remained quiet for a moment while he studied my face.

“Sam, all my men are loyal, t...

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