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from P.S. by Liberty Henwick

Chapter 17

Bossboy had a brand new car parked outside Unlucky’s house, it was a black 4x4 BMW and a driver sat behind the wheel. The man jumped out the front when he saw us and scuttled around to open the back door. Bossboy told me to get in and he climbed in beside me then leaned forwards, giving the driver instructions about where to go. The man muttered his reply.

The dusty roads were quiet, there were no people walking about at this time of night and we only passed one other vehicle. We left Shabalala behind and the driver (who I didn’t know or recognize - probably another distant cousin from Mozambique) turned the car towards Hazyview.

Bossboy lit up a cigar and said, “NP do you remember my friend Dhlamini, the policeman from my party?

“Yes,” I replied.

“So, the news from him is that Baas Smit is looking for you. Mm-hm!” He nodded, his cigar spot bobbing up and down.

“Hawu!” It was too dark to for us to see each other’s faces but he could not miss my voice.

“Don’t sound so surprised my friend! Smit and Dhlamini are in regular contact, Dhlamini and I are also in regular contact. This part of the world is like a motorcar - you would understand NP - each part works harmoniously if it is greased by the combined efforts of our business interests.”

“I thought you were a clever man NP but how do you think Smit was able to work so secretive with his poaching concerns unless he had a friend inside the force?” He continued. “You can be sure that he is not the only one, but you didn’t hear that from me.”

It didn’t surprise me, I was just angry. It was not unheard of for members of the police force to earn a little extra on the side for underground businesses. They had dangerous jobs and not a big pay, although it was better than mine! It was Dhlamini’s choice what he did and I wasn’t intending to stick my nose into his business.

No, I was angry at being trapped by these men with power! This must be how a rhino feels when he is cornered by his only enemy, which we now shared, a man with a gun.

Unlike a rhino I was not built to charge at my enemy, I had to use other ways to escape, if there was any escape possible. And when it comes from trying to escape from an armed man, or maybe two if you counted the driver, there is not much opportunity.

“You are very quiet NP. All this time and no words? We are friends are we not?”

I turned towards him, I had been keeping my eyes fixed ahead the whole time he spoke, my mind twisting and buzzing like a swarm ...

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