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Looking Back
by Leon Stevens

A short story featuring a different perspective on significant life events. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

“I wish that I could smile, but then I look back at each receding mile.” –from I’m Sorry by Leon Stevens


I remember seeing my childhood home disappear behind the climbing tree. As my sister and I got older—and braver—we would climb higher through the prickly, sappy branches until reaching the point where you could feel it sway. We had built forts in it, each one a bit better than the last, but each with its own problems. The branche...

Chapter 2

When I finally left for college, the last vision of the town where I grew up was the paper mill belching out its white smoke— which was mostly water vapor—but it sure smelled bad, especially on hot days. The river at the bottom of the hill foamed with effluent from the plant. I wonder when they will clean that up, I wondered. In the end, it didn’t really matter because I had no plans of returning.


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