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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 23

Remy was awakened by the bell on her door announcing a visitor. She jumped up from the bed bleary eyed and still half asleep. Dang it, why would they send the handler this early, I’m not even dressed yet!

She rushed a comb through her hair and threw on a pair of pants since she liked to sleep in just a T-shirt. She pulled open the door looking down at herself in dismay at meeting someone new in her pajamas.

She was relieved to see that it was Ilona on the other side of the doorway, smiling and with a box in her hands.

“Good morning, my apologies for calling on you so early,but I wanted to catch you before I left for a birth.”

“Oh that’s ok, I didn’t even look at the time yet. What is so important that you wanted to see me before a lady giving birth?” Remy said while stepping back to let Ilona pass into the room.

“I wanted to call on you last night, but the council had you out a little late. I have something for you” Ilona handed Remy the small box that she was carrying. Remy opened the box and sat abruptly on her bed staring at the beautiful necklace in the box. Her mother's blue turquoise stone sat Encased in silver and had tendrils of silver swirling up and around the rough stone, highlighting the natural beauty of the raw mineral. The pendant hung from a simple silver chain. Remy gently pulled the necklace out of the box and ran her fingers over the silver details in awe. Somehow they had perfectly accented the stone in a style that fit her personality. She always thought the necklace was beautiful before, but that the overdone silver chain and setting was a bit gaudy. Ilona reached out to help fasten the necklace around her neck. The stone sat comfortably and was the perfect length, she could probably even work out wearing it.

“Ilona, it's perfect! How did they make it exactly to my style and the right size?”

“The silver is from the original pendant, but there was not much that was salvageable. They had to extract the stone from a mangled melted mess. The silver was imbued with durability magic so no need to worry about breaking the chain. I asked the Ignis to create a simple style because that seemed to suit you better. It does look fetching on you. I must run now have a good day”

Remy sat and admired the necklace for a few minutes after Ilona left. She felt that she had regained the connection to her mother, and now she was expected to  help investigate her lineage. Lost in her thoughts she mused Investigate my parents, whatever that means. Maybe i can finally get ...

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