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Elemental Guard
by Katrena Turner

a young woman is suddenly thrust into the paranormal world with the death of her sister. she is assigned on 'The Guard' a force of elemental magic wielders who protect the magical community of the world to keep safe from the ones who hunt them. "Sounds interesting!"


Officer Johnson was driving his police cruiser down the county road sipping his coffee on his way to his shift. He loved the night shift. The air was still; the dark was peaceful and out here in the country, the most action he saw was trying to keep the teenagers fr...

chapter one
24 years later

Remy O'Connor is about to open the heavy glass door when she looks up and catches a glimpse of herself in the reflective glass. She is short standing only 5’ 3’’ with striking hazel eyes with specks of gold. Her straight dark auburn hair that norma...

Chapter 2

Remy is leaning on the passenger door with her cheek pressed against the warm glass; her eyes closed letting the sun warm her face. This was happiness, she was going on an adventure with her best friend. She listened to Kara’s cheerful singing, Kara has a beautiful voice and loves to si...

Chapter 3

“Remy, Mr. Conlin wants you to run and get coffee and bagels for the morning meeting.” Shirley tells her before she’s even through the doorway.

“Sure thing! Did he leave any specifics on numbers or flavors?”

“Just this...

Chapter 4

Remy knew something was wrong, she was surrounded in black nothingness, not even a sound. She tried to turn her head, but it was as if she herself did not exist in this void. She saw a pinprick of light and immediately wanted to move toward it. As if on demand her c...

Chapter 6

"How long until she wakes?"

"Sir, You know as well as I, That only she determines when she wakes."

"You will notify me as soon as she wakens." The authority in his voice evident.

"Yes,Commander." The healer responds with a deep bow of respect as th...

Chapter 7

"First, we need to present you to the Commander, get dressed and meet me in the hall." The healer, who she learned was named Ilona, handed her a change of clothes.

Remy dressed, and slowly made her way out into the hall. who is the Commander, and why is he cal...

Chapter 8
enlightenment part 2

The Commander cleared his throat and settled into the Chair as if he were trying to get comfortable for a long story. He watched as the woman poured them all tea and gracefully exited into the same rom the Commander had come from.

"In the beginning there were ...

Chapter 9

Remy was too preoccupied with her thoughts to notice anything, besides the bed, when she entered the room. She was confused, tired, and overwhelmed she thought she would fall asleep quickly but she had tossed and turned in bed for hours, finally drifting off into a ...

Chapter 10

The sound of many voices and laughter reached Remy’s ears as they walked through yet another tunnel.  How would I ever remember which tunnels went where?

“Remy, there will be many curious eyes on you, just stay with me and you will be...

Chapter 11
in progress

Remy pulled the rope outside The Commander’s chambers. The sound of the bell, muted by the thick wood doors could be heard as she stood waiting for someone to answer. She hoped she did not pull too hard.

She did not have to wait long; the doors were...

Chapter 12

The commander entered the room, his authority palpable. Today he was more serious. The last meeting was like a polite introduction, and storytelling session. He took a seat across from Remy and waved his hand to dismiss Astrid.

She bounced over and gave h...

Chapter 13

Remy tugged the wood doors open and rushed out into the tunnel, looking both ways for Ilona. Come on! she said she would wait for me

She spotted Ilona walking towards her, "Ilona!"

Ilona saw the panic on her face and put her hands on Remy's shou...

Chapter 14

Remy Awoke in a daze, the previous couple days happenings at the front of her mind. She silently overturned all that was revealed by The Commander. All her options that she has to consider. She had a feeling that there really was no choice if she would sta...

Chapter 16

Remy walked into the large training cavern. Nervously she looked around trying to find the four trainers she was supposed to meet.

Ok Ilona said I should meet them here around 7, its 7 right I hope I am not late I can never tell in these tunnels. What in t...

Chapter 17

“What happened?” Verlyn moved to help her up with concern etched on his face.

“I felt it move, its like as soon as you let go it shot in the opposite direction.”

They all looked over to the short woman. She looked as baffled as th...

Chapter 18

Remy soaked in the springs, her mind wandering while the tension on her muscles slowly disappeared. she thought of her sister and the familiar ache of loss settled into her heart. How she missed her sister, she wondered what her sister would think of today. Could it...

Chapter 19

Remy was sitting in her room thinking about all that had happened, she was upset that they had sent her to her room like a scolded child with barely any explanation. More than one affinity, that’s not possible, they said so themselves. The test must be wro...

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