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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 17

“What happened?” Verlyn moved to help her up with concern etched on his face.

“I felt it move, its like as soon as you let go it shot in the opposite direction.”

They all looked over to the short woman. She looked as baffled as they all did.

“what does it mean, she obviously has an affinity for water or her power would not have been attracted towards you.”

“I don’t know, she said it didn’t move until you took your hand off. Maybe we did something wrong and try again.”

“yea maybe she was fighting it or something.” The Samoan girl spoke up.

“ok, lets take a break, we were sitting here for hours so let’s eat and come back and try again.”

“hours, what do you mean hours?”

“you were meditating for quite some time, actually that’s the longest I have seen. We will need to talk and get you more information on what to expect. You were fighting it, or you did not understand what I said, or you did not understand what you were feeling. Let us eat and talk and come back”


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