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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 13

Remy tugged the wood doors open and rushed out into the tunnel, looking both ways for Ilona. Come on! she said she would wait for me

She spotted Ilona walking towards her, "Ilona!"

Ilona saw the panic on her face and put her hands on Remy's shoulders. "Child, what is it? Did The Commander frighten you?"

"No! it's not that, do you remember when i was brought in? was i wearing a necklace?"

"Oh, that." Ilona turned, still holding an arm around Remy, and guided her back towards the healer's cave. "Let us talk in my room."

"Do you know where it is?" Remy needed to have that necklace, she couldn't stand to lose the only connection she had to her parents.

once inside the room, Ilona sat Remy on the bed and filled the room with the calming aroma mixture from the bath.

"Please do not blame him, but your necklace was melted into the skin of of your neck in the purple fire. I had to remove it piece by piece." Ilona turned and grabbed a wooden box off the shelf and held it out to Remy with sorrow.

"I gathered all I c...

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