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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 10

The sound of many voices and laughter reached Remy’s ears as they walked through yet another tunnel.  How would I ever remember which tunnels went where?

“Remy, there will be many curious eyes on you, just stay with me and you will be fine.”

Remy nodded to Ilona, too nervous to verbalize her answer.  Remy was not shy, but she was never in the position to be around so many strangers without her sister at her side.

The dining hall was a large cavern similar to the dormitory’s but more rectangular like a formal dining hall in a medieval castle. There were rows of tables running from the doorway to the other end of the large room. The tables were thick wood and had matching benches along both sides. These benches were lined with many different looking people. There were people of all nationalities and ages. There were very few children, most of the people were athletic looking and ranging late teens to somewhere in the 30’s.

Remy followed Ilona over to long tables lined up on the side of the room. Remy noticed that many of the young adults were nodding their heads in reverence ...

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