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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 8
enlightenment part 2

The Commander cleared his throat and settled into the Chair as if he were trying to get comfortable for a long story. He watched as the woman poured them all tea and gracefully exited into the same rom the Commander had come from.

"In the beginning there were the original entities of creation. We had the fire entity, Vulcan, who had power over fire. There was the Water entity Neptune, who controlled water. The entity with power over earth was Tellus. The Air entity Aurae had power over all things air."

Remy opened her mouth to speak, but quickly closed it remembering she had to save the questions until the end.

"The Entities created a race of magical creatures for companionship. These creatures we have come to know as Ancients.”

The Commander took a deep breath and leaned forward to take a drink of the steaming tea, that the young woman had placed before him. The Entities grew tired of their long-lived existence and went into a deep slumber, never to be heard from again.”

Remy sat quietly, she did not have difficulty believing in the Entities. She just had that type of belief in the supernatural, but she couldn’t tell where the commandeer was going with this story.  Why is he telling me this? This has nothing to do with me…

“After centuries alone, the Ancients grew lonely while all over the planet a new race had started to threaten their existence.  They called this race Man. They decided to choose companions for themselves who could also help guard them from this new threat.  From man they chose a select few, who they felt were worthy to receive their gifts.”

This is interesting. Gifts? Does he mean like powers of some kind? Remy always had an imagination, but she felt as if this was a lot to take in.

“These gifted huma...

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