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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 7

"First, we need to present you to the Commander, get dressed and meet me in the hall." The healer, who she learned was named Ilona, handed her a change of clothes.

Remy dressed, and slowly made her way out into the hall. who is the Commander, and why is he called the Commander?

"Follow me, Young One."

Remy followed Ilona through a maze of large rock pathways. Looking around, she sees crystal balls about the size of a watermelon floating near the top of the tunnel ceiling. Inside the clear crystal ball is a fluid looking glowing substance.

"Those are gifts from the Ignis, they light our way and never falter.

"What is an Ignis?" Confusion lacing her tone.

"Not a what, A who. You will find out soon enough" wood doors

Ilona stopped at a set of large wooden doors. She reached over and pulled a weathered rope, causing a faraway ringing behind the doors.

One of the doors creaked op...

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