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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 3

“Remy, Mr. Conlin wants you to run and get coffee and bagels for the morning meeting.” Shirley tells her before she’s even through the doorway.

“Sure thing! Did he leave any specifics on numbers or flavors?”

“Just this sticky note with bagels and coffee written on it.” Shirley laughs, “But there are usually about eight managers in attendance.”

“I’m on it, I actually saw a shop down the street I wanted to try”

The smell of brewed coffee and fresh baked pastry accosted her senses as she entered the cozy coffee shop. After deciding on her order, she stood in line and watched the other patrons. This shop was so different than their small-town coffee shop. The people were in such a hurry and didn’t bother to greet each other or even look up from their phones.

“Can I help you, miss?” the young barista asked in a cheery voice.

“Yes please, can I get an order to go? I need a bulk order of coffee and bagels for my office meeting, I am not sure what to order.”

“No worries, I have the exact package for you.”

Remy awkwardly carried the large boxes or coffee and bagels up to the office, as she was setting up the table, she realizes she forgot the cream cheese.

Well damn, we can’t have bagels without cream cheese. I guess I will need to run back to the shop.

“Shirley, do I have time to run and grab ...

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