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The Frankfurt Sting: © 2017 Joe Jenney. All Rights Reserved
by Joe Jenney

A mole is suspected and the Agency is tasked to find and neutralize the mole with out publicity.

Trapped Somewhere in Germany

Jason is in that fog of the transition from being asleep to being awake and can’t tell where he is or whether it is night or day. He is aware of a swaying motion; is it in his mind or is it real? He thinks did I fall asleep in a car? But that clackety clackety...

Chapter 1 The Trainee

1005 Zulu, Friday, June 14, 1978, US Embassy, Bonn Germany

It was one of those perfect summer mornings, sunny, warm with just the right amount of breeze that makes people want to skip work. But Maria is so preoccupied thinking about her first day at the Embassy that she doesn&rsquo...

Chapter 2 The Request

1420 Zulu, Tuesday, June 10, 1980, Agency Headquarters, Near Washington D.C.

David Green, a ten year veteran of the Counterintelligence Directorate has just been promoted to Assistant Director of CID and is being congratulated by his boss Jackson Spruell, recently made CID Director...

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