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from Journey Through Lockdown by Jenny Young

Copyright © 2020–2021 Jenny Young

Chapter 16
9 April Lockdown Day 14 In the Middle of History

Tonight at midnight we will be two thirds of the way through our 21 day lockdown. The question on everybody’s lips is, “Will the lockdown be extended?” On the one hand, the economy has taken a nose dive. We’d already been downgraded to Junk Status by two ratings agencies. Businesses are struggling and that has a knock-on effect on employees. More people are out of work. The rand reached R19.25 to the dollar on Sunday from R15.96 on March 10, which was already a high figure. Our president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is getting input from experts – scientists, epidemiologists, economists and other countries. On the one hand the economists warn South Africa might never recover economically if the lockdown is extended while the health professionals warn if it is lifted too soon, more deaths than necessary can result.

We, the citizens, can only trust our leaders and pray. Prayer is one thing that is thriving. Our church used to hold prayer meetings once a week at six pm. We went once or twice. There might have been six to ten people. Numbers dwindled until those prayer meetings were stopped. Most churches had a similar experience. Now, on our on-line prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings, we have over forty attendees on Facebook...

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