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from They Call Me Nothing by Jenny Young

Copyright © 2018–2021 Jenny Young

Chapter 12

I pull the blanket right over my head. It smells clean and dry. I take a few deep breaths of the freshness. As I relax I see Lucky’s eyes in front of me again. Did he mean what he said or was he just trying to boast about his brother? Did Sipho really find my stuff? If he didn’t, how did Lucky know about my CD player and my book? I suppose it must be true. He plans to kill me if he can find me and now Lucky has seen me with Gogo Kaye in Sandton.

I don’t stand a chance against him in a fight. I try to work out how old he is now. Maybe twenty? Maybe a bit older? I am much smaller than him and I am not strong. All I can do is stay out of his way and be invisible for as long as possible.

Maybe it’s OK if he kills me. What use is my life anyway? I’ve just messed it up. Nobody would even miss me. Stella won’t even talk to me. I’m not sorry I saved her though. Maybe Gogo Kaye would be a bit sad for a day because she might feel she had failed. She has been very kind to me. The hot chocolate was so yummy. 

I feel something warm and heavy behind my knees. It must be Fudge. Maybe she is lonely because Marshmallow is in hospital.

I drift into a dream where Marshmallow is sleeping on one side of me and Fudge on the other. I hear a scraping at the window. Both cats lift their heads and stare at the noise. I see a face in the darkness with big jug ears. I know it is Sipho. Fudge stands up and arches her back. All her fur is sticking up and she grows to the size of Jasper. She barks and keeps on barking. Marshmallow can’t get up but she lifts her head and opens her mouth and the most bloodcurdling Meeeow comes out.

I see the window open slowly. I try to get out of bed to push it closed but I can’t move. Sipho climbs through in slow motion. I see the glint of moonlight reflected by something in his hand. He is coming to kill me. I am helpless. Suddenly Fudge jumps up and lands on his face, knocking him over. He stays down and the cat sits on his face.

My heart beats like a sunbird’s wings. I feel sweat on my forehead. It is too hot under the blanket and I stick my head out. The cat noises are real. Fudge is awake and alert, her ears pricked to catch every new sound. She looks scared. Jasper barks. “Don’t worry, Fudge,” I say, smoothing her fur, “it’s only cats fighting. Jasper will chase them away soon enough.”

I am right. Soon the noise dies down. I hear other dogs barking much further away. I wonder if the fighting cats are being chased away from another garden or if Jasper’s barking sent a signal to other dogs.

I am wide awake now. My heartbeat is getting slower and my breathing is becoming smoother. I need the bathroom.

Even when I get back to my bed I don’t sleep well. My mind keeps thinking and won’t stop. Should I do what Gogo Kaye says and go to the Police? I would have to hand myself in. I would probably go to jail for theft. I turn cold at the thought. I have heard stories. I think it would be worse than just letting Sipho kill me. They shot Baba. It was quick. Maybe I should go back to the dump and just wait.

Another thought gets me. What if Sipho doesn’t want to kill me quickly. He is angry with me. Lucky said so. Sipho is cruel. I remember the kitten. I feel sick. I don’t know what to do.

It takes a long time for morning to come. I don’t know if I slept at all. I kept thinking and thinking. I do ne...

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