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They Call Me Nothing
by Jenny Young

LUTHO dreamed of being a hero when he was a child but after his parents died, he lost his identity and became a nothing like the nickname his cousin, SIPHO, gave him. At fifteen Lutho is involved with a housebreaking gang. When 11 year old STELLA calls him a hero, his childhood dream resurfaces. He goes to a counselling centre run by a little church in the nearby white suburb and meets KAYE, a sixty year old woman who is battling issues of her own. Worlds apart, Lutho and Kaye are united by their common love of books and eventually are able to help each other find healing and purpose..

Chapter 1

Coming to the church was probably a mistake. What if they know? What if they call the Police? I listen intently, ready to run. No gunshots, no running feet, only the uneven pounding of my heart. I feel exposed. For seven years I have been invisible, a nothing. Nobod...

Chapter 2

Chapter 2. Kay

I am totally out of my depth. I didn’t expect to counsel a child. I have spent most of my life avoiding children. Now here sits this boy, expecting me to help him. I saw him on the CCTV when he buzzed. I assumed he was the son of one of ...

Chapter 3.

When I hear the police sirens, I feel like I have jumped off a high building and am waiting to crash. My body takes over from my mind. Before I know it, I am out of the door and slinking quickly away from the front entrance. The book is still in my hand and the tast...

Chapter 4

I dream about Peter again. I feel his warmth in my arms. He looks so tiny. I smell his sweet milky breath and the baby shampoo on his face. He makes gurgling sleepy sounds. It almost sounds like he’s purring.
A big black octopus oozes through the...

Chapter 5

Chapter 4

I lie shivering on the hard concrete. The towel has fallen off. I grab it and wrap it around my body again. I am afraid to go back to sleep because I don’t want that dream again. Is it nearly morning? It is dark. I listen carefully. There are...

Chapter 6

           I take the back routes to Alex. The small printing business on the corner has an open car gate and I slip in. The sun warms my skin as I make my way around the building to a gap in the fence leading to the paint factory. Two w...

Chapter 7

Friday starts badly. I wake to the sound of Marshmallow getting sick on my bed. “Off the bed!” I kick her off and she promptly gets sick on the carpet. "Stupid Cat!" I stomp out of bed and jerk my gown over my arms. "Can't you wait to get outside before ...

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