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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2020 Aleta Kay Dye

Chapter Thirty-Four

Nana hobbled around the room with her cane. The Gardners were nice folks, good friends, but the house seemed to be closing in on her. Was she ever going to be able to go to her own home?

The rain was coming down in drops as big as doe eyes and hard enough to drown out conversation. Wouldn’t be no work getting done on the house today. Her cane tapped staccato notes on the floor as she stared out the window.

“Got cabin fever today?” Ellen came up beside her friend.

“A might.”

“Tight-lipped, too, I see.”

“Seems like me an’ Fawn gonna be permanent guests. I hate bein’ a burden.” She tapped her cane more rapidly. “An’ I ain’t gonna stand for it. No siree.”

Ellen put her arm around Nana’s shoulders. “You are not a burden. We are delighted to have you for as long as you need us. Come and sit with me. I made fresh coffee.”

Nana didn’t want coffee or fellowship. She just wanted to a home to go to and not feel obligated to carry on a conversation. She set her jaw and prayed silently. “Lord, I know it ain’t Ellen’s fault that it’s rainin’, and it ain’t her fault I got no home to go to. . .”

The door flew open as Jason came running in.

“What in the world?” Ellen demanded.

“Sorry, Mama. I got some bad news. This storm has kicked up some horrific winds and it blew down the timbers on the Jackson’s new house.”

“No, no, no,” Nana wailed.

Fawn came running down the stairs. “Surely I did not hear you correctly. Please tell us you’re joking, Jason.”

He rushed to her side. “I wish I was, but I’m afraid it’s true.”

Tears streamed down Nana’s cheeks as she made her way to the back room of the house. It had been Melanie’s and Sarah Beth’s room but the girls were sleeping in the upstairs room occupied by Fawn so Nana would not have to climb steps.

Nana was not the only one weeping. Fawn slumped into a chair, holding her head in her hands. Where were the gods of her ancestors? Had she ...

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