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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2020 Aleta Kay Dye

Chapter Thirty

Jason arrived and found Fawn still asleep lying on the straw in the barn. He had ridden over with the buckboard which was piled with blankets and pillows to try to keep her comfortable.

He gently lifted

her and carried her to the buckboard, thankful for sunshine and light breezes, and a comfortable temperature. She stirred and moaned as she turned her head. He studied her features as he placed her on the blankets. He could look at the soft curve of her jaw forever. Her reddish-brown lashes lay against her cheek, which seemed so pale. Tenderness welled up inside. Lord, when will she turn to you? What will it take to make her see? I am ready to marry and have a home of my own, and Lord, I believe she is Your plan for me. Show me what to do. Who knew love could hurt so much?

Midnight Sun nickered when Jason came back to bridle him and hitch him to the back of the wagon.

When Jason looked at the ground when he finished the hitch, he stepped back and stared. There were boot prints and they seemed to be fairly fresh, perhaps not from today, but certainly no older than yesterday. Those prints were made by pointy-toed boots, unlike his which were rounded. He stood there in contemplation. They could be from Sheriff Clyde’s boots. What kind of boots did he wear? When the sheriff showed up at their house the day before, well, they may have been slightly pointed. But not like these. No, not the same.

Jason patted Sun’s neck as he started to follow the footprints. They led to the edge of the burned area where the house used to stand. They could also belong to someone who had been working on the house. But what if they were not? He would be sure to tell Sheriff Clyde.


Nana needed to do something. She could not just sit and wait for Fawn to arrive. What if she needed medical attention? What if she wasn’t there when Jason arrived? She tried to pace the floor but it was difficult with a crutch, and with all of this worry and the pain in both of her legs today, she felt she needed both crutches.

Ellen prepared two cups of coffee. “Nana, why don’t you come and sit down? I’m sure Fawn will be here soon.”

Nana hobbled to the table and, with her free hand took a sip of coffee but she didn’t sit. “Thank you, Ellen, but I just can’t sit. I got to do somethin’. My legs is hurtin’ and so’s my heart. ‘Spect my heart’s hurt worse.”

“Okay. Can you sit and peel potatoes for me? I’ll start chopping celery and carrots for soup.”

Nana sighed; her chest heaved. A vague smile touched her lips. “Okay...

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