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  from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Chapter Twenty-Seven

“What do you mean, she’s missing?” Nana demanded.

Jason approached until he was close enough to take the older woman’s hands in his own. “There were three sets of hoof prints. She’s probably with Joel and Angel. You know what good friends they are.”

Nana nodded her head twice while looking at the floor. Her eyes were narrowed slits when she looked into Jason’s eyes. “Friends. Not my idea of friends.” Her legs were shaking when she grabbed the chair behind her and sat down.

“Fawn is all I got left. Find her, Jason.”

Jason swallowed hard. The lump in his throat felt like a swallowed whole potato. He swallowed again but the lump stayed firm. He drank some water. Lump gone. He knelt in front of...

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