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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2021 Aleta K Dye

Chapter 22

Angel drove the Browning brougham, pulled by a pair of matching chestnut Morgan horses, to Fawn’s house. Today was Fawn’s birthday and Angel was determined to make it memorable.

She carefully alighted from the conveyance, smoothed her dress and made sure her hat was still on straight. Reaching into the seat of the buggy, she picked up the package and swung it jauntily from her hand as she approached the front door.

Fawn was drying her hands after putting the clean dishes away. “I’ll get it, Nana. I’m finished in here,” she called.

“Angel, what a pleasant surprise.” She hugged her friend hello. “What brings you here today?”

“I brought your birthday present. I have been so busy there has not been much time to visit as I would like.”

Fawn invited her in and the two sat on the couch with Nana at the end facing the kitchen.

Angel removed her hat and with a white-gloved hand gently wiped her brow. “Whew. It is hot out there today. We need a good rain. May I have some lemonade?”

“Certainly.” Fawn turned to Nana to ask if she also would like some refreshment. Nana declined.

“Let’s go to the kitchen and chat over lemonade and cookies,” Fawn said.

Angel’s chocolate colored eyes fairly danced as she said, “You have to open the package first.”

“What is it?&r...

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