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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2020 Aleta Kay

Chapter Eighteen

Fawn hated Sunday mornings. Nana always wanted to go to church. Fawn’s church was outdoors on horseback. Now that her mother was gone, she didn’t want to let Nana make the walk by herself.

It was a white clap-board building with a gabled edifice topped by a bell tower. There were about fifty people in attendance, the women on one side, men on the other.

Fawn was unfamiliar with the hymns while Nana sang them with a passion in a quavering alto voice. I do like the music, Fawn thought. I don’t really understand anything about this Jesus that seems to be the focus of these songs. Nana talks about Jesus sometimes and I see her reading her Bible. But I have my own beliefs.

She listened to the sermon but it didn’t make sense to her. It was about being born again. How was that possible?

They had some lunch when they got home and Fawn went out to spend some time with her horse. An hour later Joel arrived, this time on horseback.

“Let’s go for a ride,” he said, still sitting in the saddle. She had heard him arrive and went out to see the rider. His five-foot eight stature seemed taller as he sat with his back straight in the saddle. His clothes fit just right, a camel tweed suit and tan bowler hat.

Fawn could not help but smile. “As a matter of fact Sun and I could use a ride. Where are we going?”

“To a second interview with the Wileys. Some of their neighbors want to meet you. Deanna really likes you.” His eyes twinkled in merriment.

Fawn’s smile was quickly replaced by a worried frown. “Shall we go inside? I’m not dressed for an interview.” Fawn groaned. “And I don’t know if I can go.” Her eyes pleaded with him to understand. “A rock came through the window yesterday and caused Nana to fall. She is okay, but it seems every time I leave something bad happens.”

Alarm filled Joel’s voice. “What?” He turned to Nana who was sitting in her usual spot on the couch. “Why did you not say something, Mrs. Jackson?” He seemed genuinely concerned.

“Because I knew it would make everybody worry, and I don’t need no babysitter. The rock didn’t hit me; it just startled me and I fell ‘cuz I was right by the window when it crashed through.” She gave Fawn a stern look. “Now you two go ...

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