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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2020 Aleta Kay Dye

Chapter Fifty-Seven

The entire first week of June was filled with sunshine and bird song. Nana and Ellen looked at the garden, now filled with ripening cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans, lima beans, carrots, celery, and radishes. Ellen leaned on the hoe she had been using to get rid of the weeds that had sprouted after three days of rain.

“Looks mighty fine, Nana. The Lord’s been good to us, providing what we need. No blights or bugs to disturb the plants.” She smiled. “Should be ready to pick next week. Whatdya think?”

Nana’s smile warmed Ellen’s heart. But Nana’s next words brought tears to Ellen’s eyes. “It’s a right nice garden the Lord’s give us this year. I’m grateful to ya fer lettin’ me help with it. But my house is done and the furnishin’s are ready to be moved in. I know I said I’d stay but things has been calm for a spell now an’ I just…” Her voice broke on a sob.

Ellen went to her and put her arm around Nana’s shoulder. She knew her friend missed Fawn, knew too, the pain of having to live with others while waiting for your own place to live. It had to be much harder when a body got old. “I understand, Nana. You’re right. Things have been calm for a few weeks now. Le...

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