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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2020 Aleta Kay Dye

Chapter Thirteen

The Gardner family loaded up their wagon with hoes, rakes, and seeds. There were also some jars of homemade applesauce, made the previous autumn. Jason’s parents rode up front while he and his little sisters rode in the back with the supplies.

Fawn heard the wagon as it bounced and jostled toward the house. She opened the front door before any of them could get out of the wagon. “Nana,” she called. “The Gardners are here. It looks like they have come prepared to work.”

She opened the door wide and invited them in. Melanie and Sarah rushed toward Fawn and hugged her first, then Nana. Jason laid the gardening tools next to the porch while his mother carried in the seeds. The girls ran back to the wagon to retrieve the jars of apple butter.

Nana started to get up from the couch but Mrs. Gardner admonished her to stay seated. “We came to help out,” she said with a broad smile. She sat beside Nana and patted her hand. “We would have been here sooner, but you know how gardens are, and then of course, with everybody’s house getting broken into, we had to take care of things at home first. But all has been put to rights. Do you need any repairs done to the house?”

Nana’s eyes teared up. She raised her apron and wiped away her tears. “Ellen, you can’t imagine what it means to me to have y’all here. Things has ...

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