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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Chapter Twenty-Six
Second Thoughts

Joel arrived at the barn early the next morning. Angel had already told him of her argument with Fawn the day before.

The rebuilding of Fawn’s house was underway. Jason, his dad, the men from Pipestem, and a few other men from Lerona and Speedway gathered together to get the job done. Trees were cut down,logs split and notched. Joel saw none of this. His focus was on Fawn.

How had he come to this juncture? He had a job to do, but more and more he was beginning to wish things were different. Fawn was beautiful but seemed not to know it. She was innocent, in spite of all life had dealt her. She just needed more confidence in herself.

They were walking along, hand in hand.

“Something is troubling you, Joel. Can you tell me what it is?” Her hazel eyes were filled with concern.

He removed his bowler and scratched a non-existent itch. What could he say?

“It is nothing, just a dilemma at work. I should not be thinking about work now.” His lips parted in a crooked smile, showing nearly perfect white teeth, the only flaw a gap between his two bottom ones. “Do you feel like a short horse race?”

“That is a tempting proposition, sir, but you must remember I am a lady.”

Joel’s expression fell. Fawn elbowed him in the rib. “Of course, I am not always a lady,” she grinned. She let go of his arm and ran toward the barn, beating him by two...

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