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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2020 Aleta Kay Dye

Chapter Fifty-One

Chester thought he had been discrete. He had to let Angel know that her father was aware of their liaison. But how could he? It seemed the man knew every move he made, every move Angel made. Who had been shadowing her? Was she aware of it? What did he really know of her, after all? Was she using him as a diversion? Why had she given him the money to buy the buckboard the senator had provided for its purchase? There were so many questions and very few answers. Was she worth the risk of her father’s ire? What really could he do other than bluster threats?

Angel had not been in contact with Joel for a week. The Jacksons would soon be ready to move into their new house. She paced the floor in her bedroom. They should all be dead by now. Where had her plans gone awry? What would it take to get them out of the way? It was in her favor that Fawn still considered her a friend. What a simpleton she was! The gullible little fool. Well, she wasn’t finished yet. She would come up with another plan. Maybe she needed to be more direct, show her hand, make the attack more personal to Fawn. A germ of an idea began to develop.

Three days later she rode to the Gardner farm. She was dressed to impress as the daughter of a popular senator, not with rich clothing but with the latest style. She sported a new jaunty hat with a wide brim, decorated with ribbon and flowers. She rode side saddle as a lady should. She did not enjoy the side saddle but was willing to give the appearance of social conformity when it suite...

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