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from Live For Me by Gloria Elle Gabrie

Live For Me



“Copy. Negative pulse and respirations,” the static female voice on the radio confirms.

“Continuing CPR.”

The scene should have been chaotic, but it wasn’t. The only adrenaline pumping was that of the first responding law enforcement officers. The three arrived to the moonlit S-curve, following a 9-1-1 call reporting the sighting of dim tail lights off the road. A disturbed snowbank was the only indication of an accident. Five yards from the road’s edge, was a thick tree line of the Manistee National Forest. Another five yards, into that, was a hint of red square lights, faintly detectable under a dusting of fresh snow.

“Douglass, grab the defibrillator from the back of my truck!”

“Yes, Sir.”

Sergeant Barager was the shift supervisor and the senior responding officer. He’s arrived to too many scenes like this one in the snowy winters of Northern Michigan. To him, this was becoming routine. He flapped open the female’s fleece shirt and tore the tee shirt that was beneath, while Officer Rivers, kept on with the breathing and compressions.

“What the hell?” Barager grumbled in an exhale, looking down at the woman’s chest.

“Is she banged up pretty bad?” Douglass asked overhearing Barager, and dropping to his knees on top of a mound of snow with the defibrillator spraying some of the white powder as it landed beside him.

Officer Rivers paused with his breathing and looked just above the woman’s bra, where he had been blindly doing chest compressions. A panic struck him as he read the boldly pl...

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