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from Girl and the Ghost by Kripi

Chapter 4

One month later...

Krisp is still missing her best friend. She is now at a new place where no one knows about her past. She avoids being around the people. She speaks occasionally unlike before she is not talkative and friendly. She don't enjoy social gatherings. All she like to do is, sit alone in her room and think about Vink. She feels that it is the best way to punish her for risking her best friend's life. Memories of Vink are always with Krisp. She has been getting flashbacks everyday, of the time they spent together, the moments when they're happy. All these things take her to depression and loneliness.

Her father left the house early morning to reach the office on time. It is normal daily routine but her mother never leave her alone at home. It's difficult for her to be with Krisp all the time because it is a new place and she need to adjust. Krisp suddenly come to her mom and hugged her.

She said to her mother, "Mom, I want to talk to Vink's parent and tell them truth."


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