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Apparent Power
by Dacia Arnold

Valerie Russell is a mother navigating the American dream in central Colorado when disaster strikes leaving her stranded 100 miles from home and her two year old son. A quarter of the population has lasting effects of the event awakening a dormant gene that sets them apart from the general population, but Valerie’s genes are even more unique and the government is after her for it. Valerie must get home to her son, avoid capture and devise a way to defeat the rising power that needs her in order to complete the transition to a Totalitarian government.

Chapter One: A Long Commute

      He leaned down and kissed her forehead, “Hon, I got called for work. I love you. I’m going north. I’ll call you in when I get there.”

           “Mmmm, what time is it,” Valerie mumbled as...

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Chapter Two: The End Begins

Two hours into her shift, she still could not shake the doctor from her mind, so she kept busy. She completed her daily responsibilities including catching and fixing the errors in paperwork from the previous shift. She cleaned the entire facility and hoped that they would see at least one patient t...

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Chapter Three: Annoying Allies

Hopelessness over took her. She had to get home to her son. Somehow. All she could do was cry. Valerie mulled over the what-ifs and the things she could have done starting with not taking a shift so far from home. She cursed, screamed, and threw punches into the steering wheel. Her dad would have be...

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Chapter Four: Father's House

At two hours, Valerie estimated they were half way there. They walked the railroad tracks that followed the path of the main road. Though, it was uneven, it provided a clearer path than the road full of abandoned vehicles. Madilyn did not complain as much as anticipated but her pace was less than ex...

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Chapter Five: Folkore

“My entire life has led up to this day. For most, it will be the beginning of the end. My mother used to tell me a story when I was a kid, about the wakening. The story included three types of people and I always wonder which one I was. So I spent my entire life preparing. I hoped it would nev...

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Chapter Six: Young Blood

“You’ll pack your own bag. If we were separated, it was the only way you’ll would know what was in it and where to find it without having to dump it out.” Aaron must have overheard her mini panic attack because he had softened his demeanor towards her.
“You know, Mi...

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Chapter Seven: Squatch Team

While Aaron attempted to explain his appearance, she looked down the hallway at the light fixtures, anxiously searching for an indication of Max’s genetic standing. Regardless, she wanted to leave as soon as possible, regardless if her father wanted her to come here. He trusted Aaron to keep h...

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Chapter Eight: A Mission

It was time for answers. She cuffed her pants, put her shoes on and looked in the mirror to adjust her tank top, making sure she could still maintain her modesty with the lack of undergarments. She headed for the room that Aaron had described. The door was open but it was empty but for his pack set ...

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Chapter Nine: Target Practice

“Sit down and listen.” The thick southern accent came from the pitch black of the room. She heard others shuffle around her.
“Curse it, does anyone have a damn light?” Aaron asked after a thud came from the back of the room. Someone produced a lighter.
“There is a...

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Chapter Ten: The Truth

Valerie sat in front of the large cherry wood desk and faced Max. A polycom device was set on the desk between them to allow their voices to be heard on the other end of the call. She had been instructed to maintain her distance as not to interrupt the feed. The computer screen was blue with the ...

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Chapter Eleven: The Road Less Traveled

The evening air was cool and instantly gave relief from the stuffy confines of Max’s fortress. Valerie kept silent pace with Austin, as she was instructed in the briefing the night before. Hyka walked behind them keeping a moderate distance. Jason Griffin had gone far ahead of them with a can o...

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Chapter Twelve: Moving Right Along

The RV lurched forward and caused Aaron and Valerie to lose their balance. He caught himself and pulled her up on her feet searching her eyes to make sure he heard her correctly. He had.

“What does that mean?”

“It means that I wanted the RV to run, and I wanted that man dead. I...

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Chapter Thirteen: Check Point

Their weapons did not shoot bullets. Blue sparks of electricity balled at the end of their plastic barrels indicated that they were charged and ready to fire. Valerie studied them closer but swiftly as she was running out of time. She had found their lethal mode and the blue sparks turned to red....

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Chapter Fourteen: Lazarus

Despite her elaborate show of power, Austin lay lifeless under her hands. She searched his eyes, silently praying he would return. She needed him. He needed to tell her what to do. He needed to be her father’s voice of reason in his absence. His energy had not faded, but he was not there. Out o...

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Chapter Fifteen

      Valerie held Scotts arm so tight and rested her head on his shoulder in the back of the package truck while he gently stroked her hair with his free hand. She was almost complete. Having her husband by her side made the entire journey seem very trivial. She was...

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