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Memoirs of a Dacia: Life Happens For Me, Not To Me
by Dacia M Arnold

The life journey of author, mother and US Army Veteran, Dacia M Arnold "Sounds interesting!"

What's In A Name?
Thanks Dad

I hated my name growing up.


Like most kids with unique names, I tried my best to anticipate the substitute teacher’s grimace and squint as the trigger to give her the answer to such a mind boggling question... “How do you pronounc...

Kid Number 1

I served in the US Army for about ten years in some capacity. This included three separate contractual commitments. I never though too much about what I would do if I ever left and was convinced I would be a combat boot mom. I was pretty good at playing Army an...

Kid Number 2
My 50 Hour Labor Story

Alright so it was technically 49 hours and ten minutes until she made her appearance. .

My little miss is my second child. I had my heart set on a natural unmedicated birth following the traumatic entrance of my son. I shared my plan with all the ladies a...

Fort Bragg
Where It All Started

I was born December 6th 1984 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Fayetteville sits just outside of Fort Bragg Army Post and is the home of over 25,000 soldiers and their families. As I explain in later chapters about my own birthing experience in a military hospit...

Shelbyville, Indiana

In 1989 I moved to a small town north of Indianapolis called Shelbyville. We had a little white house with a full front porch and a porch swing. My dad took on a recruiting job in the small town when I was just starting school. My mother was pregnant with my ba...

Bombs in the Air: A Thanksgiving Story

I deployed to The Green Zone during a cease-fire. I worked in the emergency room of Ibn Sina Hospital, famously known as Baghdad ER. After a month of living with a thin cloud of fleeting safety over our heads, we did not expect Thanksgiving Day 2007 would be th...

You Lost Me

You planted me on this earth with a man you praised

I was fed, swaddled, and sometimes safe.

When the heat was off, I got cold and sick.

You almost lost me then.


I grew up worshiping a man never present

I looked for lo...

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