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from The Brightest Firefly by Dacia M Arnold

Is The Mind Not Of The Body

Is The Mind Not Of The Body?






In studying the later Victorian Era and writers such as Oscar Wilde and the ceaseless traveler Robert Louis Stevenson, I was tasked with exploring the perpetual identity crisis of the time. When “Being Ernest” was actually dishonest and Mr. Hyde was indeed Dr. Jekyll, writers also found themselves hiding their true selves as in the tragic case of Mr. Wilde.

I enjoy flexing my creativity in ways that are not typical of my normal fiction writing. This lends itself well to becoming a well-rounded writer and an author unbound by genre. This is another historical piece with twists and turns.


DOCTOR HANK CHARLESTON, a psychotherapist in his late 50s

CHARLIE HENDERSON, a troubled man and subject of HANK’s psychoanalysis



In DOCTOR CHARLESTON’s office, early 1900 Europe


At rise, CHARLIE is seated in a chair across from HANK, sitting identically across from him. The two are separated by a wall but visible to each other through what appears to the audience as an open threshold.



Good morning, sir. Let’s start by introducing ourselves. This is an easy enough practice. I am Doctor Hank Charleston, as I am sure your caretakers have informed you. Please, tell me who you are.


I am Ernest.


You are earnest as in honest, or you prefer the name Ernest?


It’s not up for interpretation. It is what it is. I am Ernest.


Fair enough, Ernest. From where do you hail?


I am from nowhere. I’ve stayed mobile through my days and claim no place as my home.


Alright, from where do your parents hail?

(Both men shift in their seat)


They reside in Edinburgh, where I was born. But I am not from there. I take pieces of places that I travel and carry them with me in spirit. I visit France, an...

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