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from The Brightest Firefly by Dacia M Arnold

Writing A World

Writing a World






I like to keep my goals in writing and hang them in common places around the house - my bathroom mirror, my planner, on the wall in front of my face when I fall asleep and wake up every day, etc. This book is one of those goals which will push me closer to those bigger goals. I find this passage fitting as an opener for my collection of nonfiction writings. Someone could argue this as fiction, but in my heart this scene exists in my journey of life. Today and tomorrow do not hold the following moment hostage.


I write in the wee morning light when everything slumbers and the day is merely a pink-orange glow. The night animals tuck into their dark spaces to escape the light, and the day creatures roll sleepily from where they claimed a home the night before. My children are snuggled up so warm and peaceful. Pups sleep at the foot of our bed, still warming my husband’s feet. Crickets have stopped and birds have not started. This is the silence which tickles my muse to awaken.

My wooden desk sits slightly shorter than most. It’s perfect for me. The old and worn wood is soft; generations of pen wielding arms pulled from left to right creating handwritten letters, stories, and poems have rounded the front ledge. Parchment replaced by technology: a double screen, wireless keyboard and mouse. The sentiment remains the same. These distract slightly from the vintage of the scene, but are a necessity in the ...

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