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Writings of a Dacia: A Collection of Shorts
by Dacia M Arnold

A Collection of Short Writings by Author Dacia M Arnold

Writing a World

I write in the wee morning light, when everything slumbers and the morning is merely a pink-orange glow. When the night animals tuck in their dark spaces to escape the light and the day animals roll sleepily from where they claimed as home the night before. When my ...

Little Mary Magdalene

So far the earliest story I have been able to dig up was more about my Great-Grandmother, Regina Philomena Werner (Schmidt). This story was told by my grandmother to her daughter, Jacqueline, who shared it with me for the purpose of this documentation.


A Mirror Negative

She moaned and shook. Lying on the cold, dank concrete in an abandoned basement. Her swollen abdomen contracted. The young woman rolled to her left and right in the pitch black. A gush of thick black liquid poured from her and onto the floor, flowing deep into crack...

A Love Denied

His eyes were fixated on her face, “You have no idea who I am, do you.”

But the truth was, she knew. She knew things about the man in front of her that likely few women knew. They had been children of sorts, clumsy, naïve. His eyes were friendly a...

Christina Rossetti: Historical Fiction

Ms. Christina Rossetti removed her gloves as she entered the studio of the renowned painter. She had heard of his marvelous work from her charity ball, in which his paintings depicting women of all lifestyles were graciously donated to be auctioned for her cause. Sh...

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