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The Girl in the Woods
by Cynthia A. Jensen

A couple find a girl in the woods, hurt and unable to communicate. "Sounds interesting!






Noli Meyers just wanted a cigarette. She had gone down the road a bit so her dad wouldn’t catch her lighting up. She was too young to buy them for herself, her friend Angela had gotten this p...

Chapter 1

“Hey, dad!” Cherie Weaver said with a laugh as she gave her father a hug. “Could you have moved further away?”

“Hi, kiddo. You’re looking well.” Alex closed the door to the cabin and stood next to his daughter. “...

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Noli’s head hurt. She was still very disoriented, but knew she was in the trunk of a car. She could hear a radio playing music. Her hands were tied behind her and she had a gag in her mouth that tasted like mold. She was blindfolded and ...

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Dylan Meyers didn’t know his daughter was missing. He left for work before she usually got up in the mornings. And now, at 5:45 pm, he had arrived to an empty house. He figured she was at a friend’s house doing homework.

He walk...

Chapter 4

Chapter Four

“Get up!” The man ordered. “We have a long ways to go today.”

Noli rose, trying to get her hair out of her eyes. It was dirty and tangled. “I’m thirsty,” she said. She was hungry too, but didn’...

Chapter 5

Chapter Five

They reached the cabin in the late afternoon. “Stay here,” the man told Noli as he dropped his pack and held up the rifle. He approached the front door that was padlocked. He took a key out of his jeans pocket and unlocked it, opening ...

Chapter 6

Chapter Six

Morning came, and Noli sat up on the cot. She was cold and tried to wrap one of the wool blankets around her shoulders. The man was standing by the window, looking out.

“I got to figure out what to do with you,” he said in a low v...

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

Noli gathered her clothes and the rest of the stuff she had thrown out the window. She was covered in chocolate pudding and had dirt and leaves sticking to her naked body. She went to the stream and set everything to the side and stepped in ...

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

Alex had gotten the girl breathing again. They brought her into the cabin and laid her carefully on the couch. Amy covered the girl with a quilt and lifted her hair to see how bad the wound was. It wasn’t too deep, but there was already a k...

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine

The man walked into the cabin and went over to the girl. “Amanda, what happened to you?”

“She fell down last night,” said Alex. “We’ve been taking good care of her.”

“I see,” said t...



Dylan Meyers was at the hospital before his daughter got there. When she arrived, he couldn’t believe that it was actually her. The doctors checked her out, and she was given I.V’s for loss of fluids.

“She can go home, but I w...

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