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from The Girl in the Woods by Cynthia A. Jensen

Copyright © 2017–2019 Cynthia A. Jensen

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

Alex had gotten the girl breathing again. They brought her into the cabin and laid her carefully on the couch. Amy covered the girl with a quilt and lifted her hair to see how bad the wound was. It wasn’t too deep, but there was already a knot forming on her forehead. Alex went to the bathroom to get the first-aid kit. He brought it back with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. He opened a gauze pad and poured some peroxide on it. He gently blotted the girl’s cut, taking care to clean the dirt out of the wound. He got as much out as he could, then applied a generous amount of Neosporin. He placed a clean pad on her head and gently wrapped some gauze around her head, taping it in place. She was still unconscious. Amy stayed with her throughout the night, checking to make sure she was still breathing.

Morning came. The girl was still alive. They didn’t have a telephone, just a cell phone with service that was iffy, so there wasn’t a way for them to communicate with the closest town. Alex thought about putting the girl in the backseat of the car and driving her to the hospital, but didn’t want to move her again, not knowing if she had a neck injury.


Noli went in and out of consciousness aware of voices she didn’t recognize. She opened her eyes, but just saw blurs of color and movement. Her head hurt worse than any headache she’d ever had. She tried to sit up, but a woman with a gentle voice laid her back down.


Amy took a wet washcloth and held it to the girl’s lips. She squeezed a little bit of water onto them and the girl opened her mouth and eagerly sucked on the c...

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