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TALES FROM HELL II: Hell's Bells Are Ringing Again!
by Bert LaVey

With the popularity of TALES FROM HELL book one, I am back at the old PC digging into the dark, dark recesses of my "Don't Go In There!" mind to bring you a new set of horror stories for a Computer Age audience. What scared Grandma won't scare you! Or will it? 'Yeah, I know, you know what I fear! That doesn't work on me anymore." "Yes, I know that. But my friend, better yet, I know what you love and where it is kept." -Sesuj. Meet the King of Angels and Demons, Sesuj and others in Volume Two: TALES FROM HELL And don't forget to pay your electric bill! "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
"Hell Bells Are Ringing Again!"

There was Big Mr. M, and two other rather angry looking guys in the room. I was visiting my friend who stayed with his grandmother and sort of in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Big Mr. M was easily the town's No 1. Gangster and no one liked standing in front of him for obvious reasons.

A person stood in front of Big Mr. M either for Big Mr. M to tell them what to do, which was never what you wanted to do, or to pay him money, and if you owed him money you better believed you better h...

Fair Weather Friends
"Let's talk about the weather!"

Grace awoke to the beautiful sound of birds in the morning around 6:00 am.

The sun was just coming up over the mountains with a chilly breeze that invigorated the nose.

The air was clean like after a spring rain and the skys were clear and blue.

One of the most beautiful sunrises anyone could ever witness.

Grace grabbed the morning newpaper and her favorite cup of vanilla favored coffee and got into her wheel chair and sat by the big window in her kitchen to take in the breath tak...

no 3

I started suspecting Brewster the other day. He does not act like everybody else all the time.

Something is definitely worng.

I can't pin-pointed it at the minute, but the Brewster model robot is surelu malfunctioning and must be reported.

I made my way down to the Bereau of Investigtions and gave them my report

"But I tell you that he does have some strange behavior! For instant we all put on pants on one legat at ime beginning with the left leg. 'Ol Brewster ...

The Mentz

Memez are extraterresial beings from another planet that conquored earth in 2025 AD.

I am leaving this recording for you in hope that maybe there is still someone or some group out there that can still save us. Maybe a family survived like in the days of Noah.

It started like any other ordinary day in Santa Barbara. I had a successful Hair salon that had branched out into two other locations and I being the owner could now spend mose of my time in leisure and still live fat off the ...

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