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from The Book Of Satan by Bert LaVey

Copyright © 2018–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 11
Lilith To His Children


Lilith To Her Children  

 "I am the Dark Lord’s High Priestess, first amongst all mankind, first to hear the whispered truth He uttered behind the screams of all that was false. He bids thee hear His words, hear mine words, for they are truly one and the same.   Harken then the wisdom of Lilith to her children. Lilith, the true woman. Lilith, the unbound. Lilith, the deathless. Lilith, the free. Lilith, Queen of the Succubi. Lilith, who ends of the lives of children (and ushers them into maturity, in there own time). Lilith, the first Sorceress. Lilith, the Dark Mother.   Harken mine wisdom, and be as I am.   Oh, children of the world, why dost ye not seeketh pleasure in all things? Shall ye not make merry and enjoy without fear all that thou would? Why dost ye bow in servitude to anyone or thing, instead of mastering thine own self?   Why dost ye fear the life thou hast, instead of living it? Why dost ye not explore thine potential and expand thine limits? Why dost ye let another’s “truth” blind ye to thine reason and instinct?   Do ye not seeketh wisdom of all sorts, without fear of consequence? Shall ye not knoweth all that thou wouldst know, and explore the&nb...

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