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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 2
MetaPsychics: The Wave Of The Future

A Brief History of MetaPsychics:


The Wave of the Future.

First you have PHYSICS which is the study of matter. Psychics gave us one of the basic Laws of the Universe or nature and that is:

"For Every Action,

there is a equal and opposite Reaction."



Sir Isaac Newton was known for the discovery of this law and he laid out the basic concepts of Nature and how IT acts and reacts naturally.

In man this natural action/reaction is called a Stimulus/Response System. It functions automatically by the Forces of Nature and the Universe until acted upon by a Greater, Higher, or Superior Force or Consciousness. This is the dimensional world of physical, solid, and seen matter.

Next was the creation of METAPHYSICS {NOT MetaPsychics},

which is energy behind matter or "Mind over Matter". 

This is the current Mind-set used by most modern people today.

This is where your 'Positive Thinking', "New Age", and 'New Wave' philosophies and religions are born.

METAPHYSICS actually is the science of the mind or the non-dimensional world of the psyche.

METAPHYSICS also deals with the Sixth Sense or Third Eye, or ESP. Most data on ESP is erroneous due to the fact of omitted data, or artificial data being injected in their thesis. Data not tested or proven for accurate results is also used.


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