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from The Jivanmutka by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2017–2021 Bruce Peterson






When the​ PSI BEING ​is in the body or mind He is​ INTERIOR​. 

 When the​ PSI BEING ​is outside the body or mind, He is ​EXTERIOR​.  

 He is​ not​ subject to the LAWS​ of the Psyche Or Physical world and body. 

The body is, but not the PSI BEING. He can expand and contract at will.


Jut by reminding a person He is a Spiritual Being {SP} wili Improve the life of a person. 


Now, you are in the best position To manage, get rid of or change The nature of ‘pain’ in your body. 


Leave your mind open to ‘New ways’ and opportunities That show you how to live a pain-free life. 


This doesn’t mean you will not have  ‘pain’ or ‘loss’ in your life, But you are better equip to control and handle it So that you can eliminate it all together. ...

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