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from The Jivanmutka by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2017–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 11
The Jivanmukta Lives Forever



The JIVANMUKTI lives forever. He has attained life everlasting. Cravings torture him not. Sins stain him not. Birth and death touch him not. Pains and tribulations torment him not. 


A Jivanmukta may give up his body in any place, at any time. Just as the falling leaves and fruits of a tree will not affect the tree itself, so also, the dropping of the body will not affect the Atman: PSI BEING, which survives like the tree. 


 His Pranas {Life Energy} don’t depart elsewhere for transmigration. They are absorbed in Brahman after the exhaustion of his Prarabdha, the results of past actions that have already begun to bear fruit. He is freed from further births. 


The Jivanmukta is freed from the trammels of mind and matter. He is absolutely free, perfect, independent. He is absolutely free from hatred, lust, cares, worries, and anxieties. 


 Everybody will surely like this state of beatitude or final emancipation. It is the final goal of life. 


 It is the end of all human aspirations. 


The state of Jivanmukti is the be-all and end-all of existence. There is fullness in this state. All desires are burnt. It is a state of plenum ​{plenum:physics. A place completely filled with MATTER}​ of absolute satisfaction.  


There is no gain greater than this, no bliss greater than this, no wisdom greater than this. 


There, at the summit of the Hill of Eternal Bliss, you can see now the JIVANMUKTA or a full-blown PSI BEING.  


He has climbed the stupendous heights through intense and constant struggle. He did severe, rigorous spiritual Sadhana. He did profound Nididhyasana or meditation. He spent sleepless nights. He kept long vigils on several halting stages. 

He persevered with patience and diligence. He has surmounted many obstacles. He conquered despair, gloom, and depression. 


 He is a beacon-light to the world now.  


Remember that he was also rotting in those days in the quagmire of Samsara (the round of births and death), like you used to be, yourself.  


You can also ascend to summit if only you will. 


The Ultimate Ground of Reality And the Abode of God Awaits you. 



 Lord YESHUA proceeds to enlighten him by various means. He explains to me the imperishable nature of the Atman, for which there is no past, present and future.  


The Atman never dies, therefore I should not grieve.  


As It transcends the five elements, namely, earth, water, fire, air and ether, It cannot be cut, burnt or dried. It is unchanging and eternal. 


Everyone experiences conditions like pleasure and pain, heat and cold, due to contact of objects with the senses. The senses carry the sensations through the nerves to the mind. One should be able to withdraw the senses from objects, like the tortoise which withdraws all its limbs within. 


 Krishna asserts that only one who has the capacity to be balanced in pleasure and pain alike is fit for immortality. 


 Krishna says in effect: So far we have been talking about theory ​(SAMKHYA​, the philosophical system of categories and counting up things); now we’re going to talk about action (yoga, the process of getting your act together and becoming whole).  


If you are yoked (Besant translates “imbued with” but the Sanskrit word is yukta “...

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