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from The Jivanmutka by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2017–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 8:



Psychic and Physical Nudity


A Brahma Jnani or Jivanmukta need not be a genius.  

 BRAHMA​= One who realizes he is one with BRAHMAN, and all beings are realized in

BRAHMAJYOTI= ​{Brahmajyoti means spiritual sky. This material sky means brahma-jyotir is covered by material cloud. Actually, everything is brahma-jyotir. Just like clear sky, but some portion of the sky is sometimes covered by cloud}. 

 JNANI​= Is one who knows that PURUSHA is The SUPERIOR ENERGY of which there is only one. And PRAKRITI is The INFERIOR ENERGIES of which There are many. BRAHMAJYOTI is PURUSHA as the top level of PRAKRITI. 

 JIVANMUKTA​= is the PSI BEING is of PURUSHA. He can function in PURUSHA alone as a PSI BEING. He can function in PURUSHA and PRAKRITI together as a PSYCHIC ENTITY {PE}, Or he can function in PRAKRITI alone as a HUMAN BEING OR SPIRIT {HP}. 


He need not be an eloquent speaker, orator, lecturer, or professor. But he is calm, serene, and tranquil. He is taciturn and silent.  


His silence is superior eloquence.  


He has divine wisdom and intuitive knowledge. 


 In his presence, all doubts are cleare...

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