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from The Jivanmutka by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2017–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 5:




 Despondency​ could be described as unrest. Being of low spirits. Sad, dejected, depressed. 


It also can be ‘out of balance’. Overly angry. Very critical of self and others. Apathy. Succumbing. Loneliness. Irrational thinking. Self-sabotage. Self-hate. Delusional thinking. 


Despondency is also Confusion and indecision. It can also lead to a host of Physical ailments and diseases. 


 Despondency can be caused by a number of different reasons and causes. 


One of the main ways Despondency manifested to a person is in the GOOD vs. BAD Or RIGHT and WRONG inner battle. 


Literally the good angel of one shoulder Trying to overcome the bad devil on the other shoulder. 

 This ​DUALITY​ which is part of the physical and psychic Worlds is natural, but not necessary. 

 DUALITY​ is​ NOT​ natural to the PSI BEING who is Whole and Knows ​NO DUALITY. 

 He sees it and can confront and deal with it, but as far as DUALITY goes, he has no Inner conflict or duality within him. 


This is normally known as a DILEMMA​ and is composed of  

Two opposing factions. 


It’s like trying to make a Decision between two things that neither one seems of benefit to you if you chose. 


How does one end this Conflict of the mind And imbalance...

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