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Storm Breaking: Prequel to Waters of Salvation
by Robert Jepson

A routine deployment to Afghanistan. One death, and one double leg amputation, hit Mike and his platoon hard. Amongst increasing hostilities, he begins to wonder if he’ll ever make it home. Then his wife suffers a miscarriage. With one final mission remaining, Mike’s thoughts and moods swing from highs to lows, alternating between his life in a combat zone to his family at home. A veteran of long service and battle-hardened, Mike begins to doubt himself and his circumstances. His mental anguish lays the foundations for the events in Book 2. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Mike caressed the watch on his left wrist. It occurred to him, ironically, that it had no face. It had belonged to his father, but there were no memories. Even the photos of his father, which his mother kept, spurred no hint of recollection. He had left home long be...

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